Maarif -ul- Quran By Shaykh Muhammad Idrees Kandhelvi (r.a)


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  1. Dear bhai,
    As Salaamu alaikum.
    Jazakallahu Khair. May Allah s.w.t. reward you His pleasure and grant you success in both worlds. Thanks for sharing such valuable, precious books.
    Please post Tafseer Maalimul Irfan on this site.
    Do remember me in your supplications.
    Your brother

  2. masah allah buhat acha kaam kiya aap hazrat ny allah aap hazrat ko jazay khar dy aap hazarat ko ya itla dyni thi k is kitab maab main dosri jild namukammal ha

  3. asifrehan Bahi “kitab maab main dosri jild namukammal ha” ….. you want to say that 2nd Volume’s PDF is incomplete??. I have roughly checked it, with the printed volume , it is complete. What is incomplete according to you?

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