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Hindustani Musalman By Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

“Hindustani Musalman” (Indian Muslim) PDF Urdu book composed by Maulana Waheeduddin Khan.this book is in Urdu dialect and about the Muslims of India however the writer Mr. Maulana Waheed Uddin Khan has likewise gathered some Islamic stories to this Urdu book as well. The creator is a well known Islamic researcher and peace lobbyist from UP, India. As per the creator, the Indian Muslims are more joyful after autonomy from British government 1947. The creator has likewise got a few peace honors. As indicated by him, the Muslims of India face alot of issues yet these issues are in every nation of the world. Hindustani Musalman Urdu book is here is in Pdf fromat and as long as 216 pages. You can download this free Urdu book or read it online from the flickering catches beneath the example pages of this Urdu book Hindustani Musalman.

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