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Atoor -ul- Majmua By Shaykh Sufi Muhammad Iqbal

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Atoor ul Majmua By Shaykh Muhammad Iqbal

(5.7 M)

By Shaykh Sufi Muhammad Iqbal



  1. musalman bhai molana muhammad moosa ruhani bazi r.a ki books share karadein bhai plzz bari meherbani hogi apki…..for more information about hazrat r.a works read below:
    Introduction of Shaikh Muhammad Musa AlRoohani Albazi
    Shaikh-ul-Hadith wal Tafseer Maulana Muhammad Musa AlRoohani Albazi was indeed the greatest Islamic Scholar of the century. He died on 19th of October 1998 in Lahore, Pakistan. After he was buried in Mayani Grave yard a perfumed smell started coming out of his grave and spread in all the area nearby ( Mayani the biggest & oldest grave yard of Pakistan situated at Lahore ). This perfumed smell continued for about eight months. Thousands & thousands of persons came to witness his grave and felt the smell of paradise from his grave. According to the Islamic History, scholars have said that Maulana Muhammad Moosa Albazi is the third person in the Islamic history from whose grave the smell of paradise came. He spent all of his life among books, in teaching Hadith, Tafseer, Fiqh & in producing Islamic scholars. He wrote more than two hundred valuable Islamic books, most of these books are in Arabic language, some are in Persian & Urdu languages. His every book proved to be a splendid work in Islamic Research. His books get great attention & appreciation from the Islamic Scholars, especially the scholars of the Arab World. They were astonished by his knowledge of Quran, Hadith, Fiqh & Astronomy & his skill in Arabic. All of them confessed that the great books written by him appears to be an Art-Piece of Islamic knowledge & Arabic literature.
    Whenever his books were presented to Great Arab Scholars they asked ” Is the author of these books is alive ? Really he is the scholar of this century & a non-Arab? They said that from his research work & his astonishing skill in Arabic literature, the author appears to be a Unique Islamic Scholar of several hundred years before “.
    Views of Great Arab Scholars about his knowledge
    Among several happenings, Views of some of the Great Arab Scholars about his knowledge are quoted below.
    The famous scholar & Imam-ul-Haram (Makkah) Shaikh Muhammad Bin Abdullah As-Subayyel once said while addressing a special meeting of Islamic Scholars “As you know I am the Imam of Masjid-ul-Haram (Makkah) , the Islamic Scholars from all over the world come to meet me, but in my whole life I have not seen & met a Islamic Scholar greater in knowledge than Shaikh Muhammad Musa Albazi”. Shaikh Muhammad Bin Abdullah As-Subayyel is now Khateeb, Imam & the minister of matters concerning Masjid-ul-Haram & Masjid-e-Nabvi ( Makkah & Madinah ).
    Shaikh Abdullah Fathuddin Madni, a great Arab Scholar & a high ranking Aalim in the ministry of information in Saudi Arabia, always said about Shaikh Muhammad Musa AlRoohani Albazi that this Shaikh Muhammad Musa is an alive moving encyclopedia.
    Shaikh Ameen Kutbi, the famous Arab Scholar, always praised the late Shaikh Muhammad Musa AlRoohani Albazi & greatly appreciated his work on Islam.
    Shaikh Abu-Turab Al-Zahiri, the renowned & well-known Islamic Scholar & the writer of Saudi news papers, always confessed the great works of Shaikh Muhammad Musa AlRoohani Albazi.
    Similarly Shaikh Abdullah Bin Humaid, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Saudi Arabia also praised the research work of the Shaikh Muhammad Musa AlRoohani Albazi on Hadith, Tafseer, Fiqh, Nahv & Astronomy.
    Fathul-Alim is one of the greatest books written in Islamic History. This book written by Shaikh Muhammad Musa Albazi. The Chanceller of Al-Azhar University, Egypt Shaikh Mahmood Azhar was greatly astonished when he observed this book “Fathul-Alim” & he said that We have not seen or even heard this kind of deep research in whole human history.
    Mufti of the Pakistan said about Shaikh Muhammad Musa Albazi
    Maulana Mufti Mahmood was the greatest Mufti of Pakistan. He was also a great politician & the Leader of Jamiat Ulama-e-Islam. Jamiat Ulama-e-Islam is the largest & the oldest movement & party of Muslims in sub-continent ( Pakistan, India, Afghanistan & Bangla Desh ). Mufti Mahmood was also the teacher of the Shaikh Muhammad Musa Albazi. Once he was asked, did u write any book ? he replied in negative and said but I am proud of my life that I have produced a top scholar of the Islamic world in the shape of Muhammad Musa ALbazi. and I proudly present his books all over the world to the scholars and say that I am the author of Shaikh Mohammad Musa albazi.
    Miracle of Shaikh Muhammad Musa AlRoohani Albazi
    He spent more than 46 years in teaching Tafseer, Hadith, Fiqh and produced more than 10,000 scholars in his life belonging to different countries like Saudi Arabia, England, America, Afghanistan, Iran, India, Bangladesh, Uganda, South Africa, Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nepal, Kenya, Russia, Egypt etc. His books are in Tafseer, Hadith, Fiqh, Astronomy, etc. etc.
    His lectures on Tafseer & Hadith were too much popular among the scholars of pakistan. During his lectures he appeared to be an Imam of early Islamic History who have some how come to twentieth century. Some time his lectures continued for five to six hours without any break but even after such long lectures his students appear to be fresher than before & it appeared that his knowledge has put a spiritual power in them.
    The valuable Books written by him
    The importance & greatness of his books can be estimated from the fact that his books were taught even in his life in the Islamic universities of Pakistan & Iran.
    He was the greatest Muhaddis (Explainer of the Hadith meanings) of the century & he was given the Title of “Al-Muhaddis-ul-Azam” ( The Greatest Muhaddis ) by the scolars of Pakistan. His work on Hadith, Tafseer, Fiqh & Astronomy is considered to be the most authentic work on Islam in this century. His book named “Riyaz-us-Sunan” in which he explains the meanings of the Hadiths of Jam-e-Tirmidhi is in more than fifty volumes. Similarly his book in which he explains the meanings of the most difficult Tafseer “Baizawee” ( the Tafseer taught in the Islamic Universities of the world ) is in more than forty five volumes. His book “Fathullah” is about the single word “Allah”. This book is in Arabic Language & in two large volumes covering more than 1300 pages. In this book he explains that Almighty Allah is the Greatest similarly his name i.e. the word “Allah” is also the Greatest name.

  2. jazakALLAH for great sharing.
    is there any way to contact the owner of this blog. I need to share my books collection with you. I have scanned some. Please let me know

  3. Assalam u alaikum. You are playing a great job.May Allah reward you for this in both the worlds. i have been greatly helped by all the books uploaded. i request you to upload some of the basic resourse books like seerat ibn Hasham , dalail al nabuya, seerat al halbiya, muahib al duniya,zaad al muaad , madarij al nabuya, al asaba, usdul ghaba, al isteab tafseer al tabri, tareekh al tabri, etc so that the people who are doing research work are also equally be benefitted.
    zajak Allah al khair

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