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تفسیر فی ظلال القرآن اردو انگلش عربی

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Fi Zilal al Qur’an فی ظلال القرآن سید معروف شیرازی سید قطب شہید

In the Shade of the Qur’an or Fi Zilal al-Qur’an (Arabic: في ظِلالِ القرآن‎, fī ẓilāl al-qur’ān) is a highly influential commentary of the Qur’an, written during 1951-1965 by Sayyid Qutb Shaheed (1906-1966), a leader within the Muslim Brotherhood. Most of the original volumes were written while in prison. The book outlines Qutb’s vision of an Islamic state and society. It is considered by some to be a comprehensive and far-reaching commentary that takes a clear and lucid interpretation of the Qur’an. Following paper discusses Syed Qutub’s approach in this tafsir:;_July_2011/30.pdf

This tafseer has been a subject to a lot of criticism as well. Following is one of the articles highlighting some errors.

  • Serious errors in Sayyid Qutb’s Tafsir “Fi ThilalilQuran” – Read
  • Shaykh Salih al­Fawzaan on the Tafsir of Sayyid Qutb,’Fee Zilaal il­Quran’ – Read
  • Tafseer Ibn Katheer or Fee Dhilaal-il-Qur’aan? – AUTHOR: Imaam Muqbil bin Haadee Al-Waadi’ee – Read
  •  The Mistakes and Innovations of Sayyid Qutb (Salafi Publications) – Read

According to some scholars:
” The book ‘Zilaalul-Qur’aan’ or ‘Fee zilaalil-Qur’aan’ of Shaikh Sayyid Qutb – rahimahullaah – is one of modern tafseers based upon the opinion and not narrations and reports; and it is known that the people of opinion (ra-y) and those who speak from their opinions, and speak in their own style – then both error and correctness will be seen from them; they will be correct (sometimes) and mistaken (sometimes).
A person who does not have understanding, and is not grounded upon knowledge – then it is better for him that he does not refer to it. Rather he should refer to the books of the notable scholars – such as the Tafseer of Ibn Katheer, the Tafseer of Ibn Jareer and the Tafseer of Shaikh ‘Abdur – Rahman ibn Sa’dee – from the later scholars – for these are the explanations of the scholars.”

Readers are recommended to seek opinion of authentic scholars before studying this book or forming opinions about it.


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