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Open Letter to Mirza Tahir Ahmed

Open Letter to Mirza Tahir Ahmed

By Maulana Zahid ur Rashdi




Mirza Tahir Ahmed,

Chief Qadianist,

Tull Ford London.

Peace of Allah be on him who adhered to the Divine righteousness. It is worth-mentioning that in the annual report of this year, the Amnesty International has repeated the allegations of violation of human rights of the Qadianists in Pakistan and the Govt of Pakistan has allegedly been held responsible as violator of human rights, in the shape of judicial proceedings against the Qadianists. Taking the advantage of addressing you by letter, I invite your attention on this serious issue because on one hand, this issue has become an apple of discord between the Muslims and the Qadianists and an influential pretext in the hands of International institutions and Anti-Islamic lobbies, on the other. It is deemed necessary that you should adopt such reasonable attitude; after taking into account the universally admitted facts which may diminish the intensity of this ill feelings and both the parties may utilize their all energies in positive objectives, in lieu of mutual intellectual clashes.

Dear Mirza!

Your grandfather Mirza Ghulam Ahmed of Qadian enunciated a novel claim of Prophethood a century ago and introduced his fictitious teachings under guise of new revelations and which were repudiated by all the intellectual and religious circles of Islamic Ummah.

دورہ حدیث نصاب اردو شروحات

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