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Evolution of Fiqh

Evolution of Fiqh

The Evolution of Fiqh

(Islamic Law & The Madh-habs)
Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips


Preface to the Third Editinon
Preface to the Second Edition
1. The First Stage: Foundation
The Method of Legislation
General Content of the Qur’aan
The Makkan Period (609-622 C.E.)
The Madeenan Period (622-632 C.E.)
Legal Content of the Qur’aan
The Basis of Legislation in the Qur’aan
1. The Removal of Difficulty
2. The Reduction of Religious Obligations
3. The Realization of Public Welfare
4. The Realization of Universal Justice
Sources of Islamic Law
Section Summary
2. The Second Stage: Establishment
Problem-Solving Procedures
of the Righteous Caliphs
Individual Sahaabah and Ijtihaad
Absence of Factionalism
Characteristics of Fiqh
Section Summary
3. The Third Stage: Building
Factors Affecting Fiqh
Characteristics of Fiqh
Reasons for Differences
Compilation of Fiqh
Section Summary
4. The Fourth Stage: Flowing
The Development of Fiqh
Period of the Great Imams
Period of the Minor Scholars
Sources of Islamic Law
Section Summary
5. The Madh-habs: Schools of Islamic Legal Thought
The Hanafee Madh-hab
Awzaa‘ee Madh-hab
The Maalikee Madh-hab
The Zaydee Madh-hab
The Laythee Madh-hab
The Thawree Madh-hab
The Shaafi‘ee Madh-hab
The Hambalee Madh-hab
The Dhaahiree Madh-hab
The Jareeree Madh-hab
Section Summary
6. Main Reasons for Conflicting Rulings
1. Word Meanings
2. Narrations of Hadeeths
3. Admissibility of Certain Principles
4. Methods of Qiyaas
Section Summary
7. The Fifth Stage: Consolidation
Four Madh-habs
Compilation of Fiqh
Section Summary
8. The Six Stage: Stagnation and Decline
Emergence of Taqleed
Reasons of Taqleed
Compilation of Fiqh
Section Summary
9. Imaams and Taqleed
Imaam Abu Haneefah
Imaam Maalik ibn Anas
Imaam Ahmad ibn Hambal
Students of the Imaams
Section Summary
10. Differences Among The Ummah
Differences Among the Sahaabah
Section Summary
11. Conclusion
Dynamic Fiqh
Proposed Steps
Contradictory and Variational Differences
Index of Hadeeths


Evolution of Fiqh
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