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Differences Between Qadyanis and Other Infidels

Differences Between Qadyanis and Other Infidels

Differences Between Qadyanis and Other Infidels.

Writen by Maulana Muhammad Yusuf Ludhyanvi

Translated by Maulana Muhammad Awais

Confusion and its solution

The key differences between Qadyanis and other infidels will be explained in these pages. There is widespread confusion among certain communities, and they also ask questions to clarify this ambiguity, such as: Why is there an established work in the form of “Aalami Majlis Tahaffuze Khatme Nabuwat” even though there are many other infidels around the world, such as Jews, Christians, Hindus, etc., but only against the Qadyanis? Why does it chase them and alert Muslims of their anti-Islamic activities wherever they go?

There is a distinction between Qadyanis and other unbelievers, which clears up this misunderstanding. Let’s look at an example in this regard before I explain.

It is obvious that drinking is against Islamic law. Alcohol consumption, production, and sales are all prohibited.

Additionally, pigs are known to be Haram (illegal) and Najis al-ain (the Inherently Unclean Thing) in Islamic Laws, making and selling their pork prohibited. This basic and significant rule is known to every Muslim.

There is no doubt that someone who deals in alcohol is guilty. On the other hand, a person who sells alcohol while also adding the Zamzam label to it does so unfairly. Of course, it is illegal to sell alcohol under the name “Zam Zam,” but what makes these two criminals different? You are completely aware of that.

In the same way, a man sells a pig as a pig, he clearly says that it is pork meat. Whoever wants to buy it should take it. Those who buy and sell pigs are criminals according to Islamic rules. But compared to him, there is another person who sells pig and dog meat under the name of goat meat. He is also a criminal, but there is a huge difference in the nature of their crimes.

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Differences Between Qadyanis and Other Infidels By Maulana Muhammad Yusuf Ludhyanvi

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