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Buffalo Farming And Production PDF Urdu Book Free Download

بھینسوں کی افزائش

Buffalo Farming PDF Urdu

Buffalo Farming Growth And Production PDF Urdu Book Free Download or read online from this Iqbalkalmati Blogspot Urdu books library. The buffalo is an infant of the Boydus family, a subfamily of the bulls, and a crunchy rough detachment. Earlier, all buffaloes were attributed to the Babylonian genus. Now only Asians are attributed to it, the rest are identified in the genus Innova and Cincinnati. Close relatives of the buffalo are sitting, blonde, capricious, as well as American bison, yaks and bison living in the temperate zone. On some of Oceania’s islands in Africa, buffaloes are common in southern Asia. Buffaloes are divided into 2 types. The first is Indian, mostly found in northeastern India, as well as in parts of Malaysia, Indochina and Sri Lanka. The second African buffalo. This animal prefers high grass and rugged beds near ponds and swamps, however, it sometimes lives in the mountains (at an altitude of 1.85 km above sea level). It is considered to be one of the largest wild bulls, reaching a height of 2 meters and a height of more than 0.9 tons. You can note the description of the buffalo: Her thick body, covered with blue hair, Stock legs, which turn white from top to bottom, A square broad head, guarded and mostly down, Large horns (up to 2 meters), bending upwards in a semicircle or in different directions in the form of an arc. They have a triangular shape in the cross-section, A long long tail, with a stiff basin at the end The African buffalo lives in the south of the Sahara, and especially in its uninhabited areas and reservoirs. This caste, unlike the Indians, is small. The average height of an adult buffalo is 1.5 meters and it weighs 0.7 tons. You can also download Dairy Farming PDF Buffalo Calf Fattening Guide Urdu Book and Cow Guide Urdu Book
Buffalo Farming Production PDF



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