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اپنا دواخانہ

اپنا دواخانہ

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اپنا دواخانہ گھر بیٹھے علاج



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Free Download Popular Unani and Hikmat Urdu Book “Apna Dawa Khana” Gar ka dawa khana. Khana is an imperative and complete book on homemade medication. This book gives greatly far-reaching and basic treatment to all ailments postured to human life which have been exhibited as diverse solutions and cures. This is Home Remedies Urdu book tips for better health. Treatment at Home with natural food. treatment for weakness, Gar me Istamal hone ashia se ilaj, kandam se ilaj, Treatment with Salt, Mirch se Ilaj, Haldi, Dar chini, Kali kansi, quwat e bah, Dad ki dawa, treatment with fruits. key information about the book in Urdu eastern medicines  Tibb-e-Mashriq written by Hakeem Abdul Qudoos of India book publish by Rahman book house, Urdu bazar, Karachi total pages: 112 books PDF file size 14mb Free download or read online.


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