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An Easy Hajj Guide

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An Easy Hajj Guide


Maulānā Muhammad Manzūr Nu‛mānī

The kind and affectionate Allāh ta‛ālā has showered countless favours and bounties
on this insignificant servant. One of them is that He – solely out of His grace –
enabled me to write a few Islamic books and blessed them with acceptance in this
world. Although I feel I never had the pure intentions which ought to be had when
doing such works, I have hope in Allāh’s kindness with regard to some of my books
that He will make them the means for my forgiveness. One such book is How should
you perform hajj?
This book was first published about thirty years ago.1 Allāh ta‛ālā conferred it with
extraordinary acceptance. A new impression is printed almost every year. A
relative in Karachi obtained permission from me and has been printing it there
since several years.

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