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9th Class Urdu Chapter Wise Notes

9th Class Urdu Chapter Wise Notes.

These notes are beautifully crafted, which will be of great benefit to you. With our educational materials, you can prepare more than 100 percent of your marks. This educational material has been overseen by experienced teachers. Made by an experienced Urdu teacher.

This plan is very important for exam preparation. The complete syllabus of the Urdu book is described below. Topics / Subtopics / Activities to be covered You must read it

1- Urdu Asbaq۔ Nazam.Ghazal, MCQs Notes

اسباق،نظم ،غزل ،معروضی

2-Urdu Short Questions Notes


3- Urdu Asbaq Khalasa Notes

اُردو اسباق خلاصہ جات

4- Urdu Grammar

جملوں کی درستگی،ضرب الامثال،الفاظ متضاد،مزکرمونث،واحد جمع

5- Nazam Or Ghazal Tarshree Notes

نظم و غزل کی تشر یح

6- Urdu Application.Letter Story.Dialogue Notes

درخواست،خطوط،کہانیاں ،مکالمہ جات نوٹس

Praise: (Meaning of praise. Introduction of Maulana Hali. His national and religious poetry. Statement of monotheism and oneness of Allah. Requirements of monotheism)

Exercise questions. Curriculum Activities 1,2,3 Naat: (Meaning of Naat. Introduction of Amir Minai and his Poetry. Biography of Holy Prophet (PBUH). Essence. Attributes and Good Morals. Exercise questions. Curriculum Activities 1,2,3

The Migration of the Prophet (PBUH): (Part One) Introduction of Maulana Shibli with reference to the biography of the Prophet. Announcement of Prophet hood. Opposition to the infidels of Makkah. Hazrat Ali and Hijrah Related Exercise Questions Extracurricular activity

Emigration of the Prophet (PBUH): (Part II) When the disbelievers resounded with your … voice. Hijrah to Madinah and Abu Bakr Siddiq The incident of Saraqah bin Jashim. Welcome to Medina

Related Exercise Questions Habits and Characteristics of Mirza Ghalib: (Part I) Morals of Mirza Ghalib Sacrificed to him. Author Introduction Ghalib’s personality and morals. Friendliness Generosity)

Related Exercise Questions Curriculum Activity No. 1 Habits and Characteristics of Mirza Ghalib: (Part II) So much humor in the mood … The audience laughed. (Introduction to Zauq, Mirawar and Soda. Mirza Ghalib and Mango Zauq)

Related Exercise Questions Distinguish between different styles of expression. Curriculum Activity No. 2 Laziness: (Sir Syed and Aligarh Movement. Essay Writing. The Meaning of Laziness and Laziness. The Virtue of Hard Work) Related Exercise Questions Essay writing. Curriculum Activity No. 1,2 Rainy Springs: (Nazeer Akbarabadi and His Public Poetry. Beautiful Scenes of the Rainy Season and Their Beautiful Description) Exercise questions. Simile Curriculum Activities Nos. 1,2, Stay connected, keep hope spring from the tree: (Part I) The first three poems National Poetry of Allama Iqbal. Characteristics and signs of autumn and spring seasons Related Exercise Questions Curriculum Activity No. 1. Stay connected, keep hope spring from the tree: (Part II) The last three lions

The relationship between the branch and the tree and the nation and the individual. The benefits of alliance. Related Exercise Questions Curriculum Activity No. 2, 3

Jokes of poets: (Mohammad Hussain Azad and members of Urdu Khumsa. The importance and need of humor in human life. Sense of humor of poets) Exercise questions. Meaningful words. Curriculum Activity No. 1,2


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