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10th Class English Notes

10th Class English Chapter Wise MCQs Short or Long Questions And grammar Notes. These notes are very well good Format, which will be of great benefit to you. With our educational materials, you can prepare more than 100 percent of your marks. This educational material has been overseen by experienced teachers of English. There is 13 chapter of English. The syllabuses of all the chapters are given below and the notes are made accordingly

Unit 1: Hazrat Muhammad(S.A.W.)An Embodiment of Justice
1-Deducing meaning of unfamiliar  words 2-Translation into Urdu
Reading Skills: 
Analysis of patterns of text organization 2-Comprehension questions 3-Direct & Indirect (Declarative Sentences)
Translation From Urdu to English: Paragraph No.1 & 2
Writing Skills: Essays on 1-My Last Day At School 2- Sports and games

Unit 1: Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.) An Embodiment of Justice
1-Concrete nouns 2- Abstract nouns 3-Noun phrase 4-Past indefinite tense 5-Past continuous tense 6-Pronunciation key
Oral Communication Skills: 
1-Group discussion 2-Expressions to explain one’s point of view
Writing Skills:
 1- Precis writing  2-Essay on 1-My House 2-Courtesy
Translation From Urdu to English: Paragraph No.3& 4

Unit 2: Chinese New Year
1-Explaining meaning of words 2-Translation into Urdu
Reading Skills: 
1-Reading MCQs 2-Comprehension questions
Writing Skills: Essay on 1- My House 2-Courtesy 3-Direct & Indirect (Optative sentences) 4-Essay on 1-Libraries 2-Health
Translation From Urdu to English: Paragraph No.5 & 6

10th Class English Notes

1- All Chapter Wise, & Grammar MCQs

10th English All Chapter wise, & Grammar MCQs Reading Skills: Analysis of patterns of text organization Reading MCQs Comprehension questions 

1 all chapter wise and grammar MCQs

2- 10th Class English Notes Short Questions

Unit 1 Hazrat Muhammad(S.A.W.)An Embodiment of Justicet
to unit 13: Faithfulness, 10th Class English Notes Short Questions

2 10th class english notes

3- 10th Class English Paragraph Notes

Translation From Urdu to English: Paragraph Notes

3 10th class english paragraph notes

4- 10th class English Essay Notes

10th class English Summary of the text & Essay Notes

4 10th class english essay notes

5- 10th Class English Pair of Words note

5 10th class english pair of words note

Unit 2: Chinese New Year
1-Collective nouns 2-Use of must/mustn’t 3-Present indefinite tense 4- Present continuous tense 5-Punctuation6-Use of the hyphen.Oral Communication Skills: 1-Group discussion 2- Expressions to give reasons. Writing Skills: 1-Summary of the text 2-Essays on1-The Monsoon / A Rainy Day 2- A Scene At Railway Station. Translation From Urdu to English: Paragraph  No.7 & 8

Unit 3: Try Again
Vocabulary: 1-Synonyms 2-Meaning of words. Reading Skills: 1-Comprehension questions 2-Simile 3-Alliteration
Writing Skills: Essay on 1-A Hockey Match 2-A Cricket Match 3-Direct & Indirect (Exclamatory sentences).Translation From Urdu to English: Paragraph No.9 & 10

Unit 4: First Aid
1-Specialized vocabulary 2-Prefixes 3-Idioms with ‘to infinitives’.Reading Skills: 1-Analysis of patterns of text organization  2-Reading MCQs 3-Comprehension questions. Translation From Urdu to English: Paragraph No.13 & 14. Writing skill: Essay on 1-Village Life 2-Television.Grammar: 1-Kinds of adverb 2-Adverb phrase 3-Gerunds 4–Infinitives 5- Active passive voice 6-Review Ex.Oral Communication Skills: 1- Expressions for an apology. Writing Skills: 1- Paragraph writing on Girl Guides 2-Writing  Essays on 1-A Visit To A Hill Station 2- Quaid -e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.Translation From Urdu to English: Paragraph  No.15 & 16     

Unit 5: The Rain
1-Synonyms and antonyms 2- Connotation and denotation. Reading Skills: 1-Comprehension questions 2-Metaphor 3-Personification. Translation From Urdu to.English: Paragraph  No.17 & 18.Writing Skill: Essay on 1-Boy Scouts 2-My Favorite Book    

Unit 6: Television VS Newspapers
 1-Guessing meaning of unfamiliar words 2- Translation. Reading Skills: 1-Reading MCQs 2-Analysis of patterns of text organization 3-Comprehension Questions. Translation From Urdu to English: Paragraph  No.21 & 22. Writing Skill: Essay on 1-Our School Canteen 2-My Best Friend

Oral Communication Skills: 1-Group discussion 2-Expressions to show agreement
Writing Skills: 
Precise writing 2-Comparison and contrast essay writing 3-Analysis of a formal letter4-Essay on 1-My House 2-My School
Translation From Urdu to English: Paragraph No.23  & 24

Unit 7: Little By Little One Walks Far!

Vocabulary: Deducing the meaning of unfamiliar phrases 2-Translation into Urdu. Reading Skills:1-Reading MCQs 2-Comprehension questions. Grammar: Indefinite pronouns 2-Pronoun antecedent agreement 3-Present Perfect Tense 4-Coordinating.conjunctions.Oral Communication Skills: Conducting an interview.Translation From Urdu to English: Paragraph No.25 & 26. Writing Skills: Precise writing 2-Essay writing 3-Application writing 4-Formal letter writing Essays on 1-A Visit an Industrial Fair 2-How to Make Tea

Unit 8: Peace
1-Synonyms 2- Connotation and denotation.3-Translation of idioms into Urdu. Reading Skills: 1-Comprehension Questions 2-Use of imagery. Translation From Urdu to English: Paragraph No.27  & 28.Writing Skill:1-A Railway Journey 2-Junk Food

Unit 9: Selecting The Right Career
1- Explaining the meaning of unfamiliar words and phrases 2-Translation.Reading skills: 1-Comprehension questions 2-Analysis of patterns of text organization 3-First half of Pair of words. Translation From Urdu to English: Paragraph No.29 & 30. Writing Skill: Essay on 1-Importance of Dictionary 2-A Rain Storm

Unit 10: A World Without Books

Vocabulary: 1-Deducing the meaning of unfamiliar words and phrases 2-Translation of idioms into Urdu. Reading kills: 1-Comprehension questions 2-Library skills
Translation From Urdu to English: Paragraph No.33  & 34. Writing Skills: Essay on 1-Physical Fitness 2-My Neighbour

Unit 11: Great Expectations
Deducing the meaning of unfamiliar  phrases2-Suffixes.Reading Skills: 1-Comprehension questions 2-Analysis of story elements 3- Further reading activity 4-All prepositions of PCTB Grammar. Grammar: 1-Past Perfect Tense 2-Past Perfect Continuous Tense 3-Direct and indirect speech 4-Active passive voice all.Oral Communication Skills: Group presentation on story elements given in Board grammar. Writing Skills: 1-Character sketch 2-Book review 3- Essay on Prayer And Its Meaning. Translation From Urdu to English: Paragraph No.37  & 38

Unit 12: Population Growth And World Food Supplies
1-Synonyms 2-Analyzing and understanding common prefixes.Reading Skills: 1-Comprehension questions 2-Analysis of patterns of text organization
1-Subordinating conjunctions 2-Adverb clause.Oral Communication Skills: Group presentation. Writing Skills: 1-Precis writing  2-Prepositions & Pair of words from PCTB Grammar. Translation From Urdu to English: Paragraph No.39  & 40  

Unit 13: Faithfulness

Vocabulary: 1-Prefix’en’ 2-Explaining phrases 3-Translation into Urdu. Reading Skills: 1-Comprehension questions. Grammar: 1-Third conditional 2- Simple, compound and complex sentences 3-Quotation marks 3-Direct and indirect speech 4-Active passive voice all 5-Correct verb Ex.from PCTB Grammar.of Present Indefinite Tense to Present Perfect Continuous.Tense & Past Indefinite Tense to Past Perfect Continuous Tense 6-Prepositions and Pair of Words.Oral Communication Skills: Asking and responding to questions of social nature. Writing Skills: 1-Writing a character sketch 2-Summarizing a story


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