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سقوط کابل و بغداد

Saqot-e-Kabul-o-Baghdad Urdu Book Download

سقوط کابل و بغداد

Saqot e Kabul w Baghdad

Download or read online another beautiful Urdu book “Saqot-e-Kabul-o-Baghdad” (The occupation of Kabul and Dhaka). In the said book you will find the religious facts and reasons behind the occupations of Kabul, Afghanistan and Baghdad, Iraq according to Islamic point of view. The author of this book is Saifulllah Khalid who has narrated the Hadiths in his book Saqot e Kabul wo Baghadad. This book is his great effort. As a Muslim we should read this book and try to correct our acts.

Title name of the book is “Saqoot e Kabal o Baghdad” Written by Saif Ullah Khalid. Background secrets of the blunder of Kabul and Baghdad, reality of US war against terror. Learn in Urdu language. Download in pdf format to read offline.
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