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Word for Word Quran

Word for Word Quran

With explanatory notes, word meanings wtth cross references and grammatical hints

Author: Sheikh Muhammad Mohar Ali
Sheikh Mohar (d. 2007) was a former professor of Madinah University and Imam Muhammad University in Saudi Arabia. He authored numerous books of high academic caliber including: 
– Sirat un Nabi and the Orientalists,
– History of the Muslims in Bengal
– The Bengali Reaction to Christian 
Missionary Activities
– A Brief Survey of Muslim Rule in India
– The Quran and the Latest ‘Orientalist Assumptions (etc.)

Vol1: Read / Download
Vol2: Read / Download
​Vol3: Read / Download

Word for word translation compiled by Maktabah Dar us Salam
Vol1: Read / Download
Vol2: Read / Download
​Vol3: Read / Download

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