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قاسم علی شاہ کی کتابیں

قاسم علی شاہ کی کتابیں

Qasim Ali Shah is a Corporate/self-help trainer, professional speaker, and writer and also served in the field of education for since last 16 years. He conducts a variety of training classes for beginners and students of advanced levels. He has created 100s of video lectures on social issues and personality development. Qasim Ali Shah has written three books as Kamyabi ka PaghamZara Num ho, and Aap ka Bacha b Kamyab ho Sakta hai. He has also hosted a successful radio program Manzil ka Musafir and started his new program “GUFTAGO with Qasim Ali Shah” on 7News. Recently, Qasim Ali Shah has taken great initiated “Qasim Ali Shah Foundation” for the youth skills and mindset development


قاسم علی شاہ کی کتابیں
قاسم علی شاہ کی کتابیں

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