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Womens Hajj Companion

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Womens Hajj Companion

Maulãnã Ebrahim Noor


There are many ways to gain closeness to Allāh  and various ways to worship
him. There are forms of worship which ensure that a person’s sins are wiped
away on a daily basis, weekly basis and annually.
For example, the Prophet  said, “The five prayers, Friday to Friday, and
Ramaḍān to Ramaḍān will be an expiation for the sins committed between
them as long as major sins are avoided.” (Bukḥārī #233)
The performance of Ḥajj & ʿUmrah also provides a means of redemption for a
believer. The Messenger of Allāh  has mentioned in a Ḥadīth, “An ʿUmrah
followed up by another ʿUmrah atones for [minor] sins that have occurred
between them. And Jannah is the reward for an accepted Ḥajj.” (Tirmidhī
#933) However, whereas the former Ḥadīth highlights the atonement that is
fixed by time (i.e. weekly, annually etc.), multiple Ḥajj & ʿUmrah may be
performed at various points in one life and may result in a person being
forgiven for sins that have accumulated over a long period of time. It should
be understood that the sins highlighted in the narrations above primarily
focus on minor sins as those which are major require one to earnestly turn
towards Allāh , imploring Him for His forgiveness.
Thus, these magnificent modes of worship are of great importance and so is
the accuracy of their performance. Many individuals seek to perform multiple
pilgrimages but do so in a disorganised manner with little understanding
towards their ritual intricacies. As such, they may neglect to perform
necessary acts during their Ḥajj & ʿUmrah or perpetrate deeds which would
nullify their pilgrimage altogether!
In order to give pilgrims extensive clarity regarding their travel, my dear
friend, Shaykh Ebrahim Noor, has produced step-by-step checklists that
ensures a fruitful Ḥajj & ʿUmrah. They highlight practical advice of an
experienced individual alongside an accessible task list. I would highly

Women’s Ḥajj Companion recommend these publications to be used by Muslims of all ages during their
pilgrimage. I am certain that they will instil confidence and contentment
within the pilgrim’s heart.
To supplement the checklists, Shaykh Ebrahim has compiled this booklet for
Sisters to enable them to have a clear understanding of the various scenarios
they may experience whilst on their Ḥajj & ʿUmrah with regard to their
monthly cycles. The information in this booklet is clear and will enable the
Sisters to have more confidence on their journey and remove any doubts of
what to do in particular situations.
I pray to Allāh  that He accepts this work on behalf of Shaykh
Ebrahim and makes it a means of his salvation in the Hereafter. May He
continually give the author the ability to produce publications that will
benefit the Ummah for many years to come. Āmīn.
Subhan b. Amanullah
Lecture of Ḥadīth, Azhar Academy.

Womens Hajj Companion

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