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Saviours Of Islamic Spirit

Saviours Of Islamic Spirit

By Shaykh Syed Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi (r.a)


I am glad to present the second volume of the Saviours of Islamic Spirit before the readers. The first volume of the book covered the revivalist endeavours made during the first six centuries of the Islamic era, from Caliph c Umar ibn Abdul

Aziz to MaulanS Jalai , ud-din Ruml. In this volume the biographical accounts, thoughts and achievements of three luminaries of the eighth century after Hijrah are sought to be presented.

In the Urdu version of this book, the second volume had to be exclusively devoted to Sheikh-ul-Islam Ibn Taimiyah because his splendid achievements in the intellectual and religious fields were quite extensive and varied. It is not at all extravagant to see the reverberating influence of Ibn Taimiyah*s thought in the generations succeeding him. Of late, the more intelligent and educated section of the Muslims has shown even greater interest in the works and researches of Ibn Taimiyah, However, I considered it appropriate to include in the presenf volume the accounts of two more personalities, dealt with in the third part of its Urdu version, since all the three belong to the eighth century. These luminaries of Islam — Sheikh-ul-Islam Hafiz Ibn Taimiyah, Sultan-ul-Aulia Khwaja Nizam ud-din Aulla and MakhdOm-ul-Mulk Sheikh Sharaf uddln Yahya Manerl — differ not only in time and space but also in their temperaments, efforts and achievements ; yet, one would see a significant similarity of common ideal for which they all worked throughout their lives. .All of them fought against

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