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Regulations Concerning Sajda -e- Sahw

Regulations Concerning Sajda -e- Sahw

By Shaykh Mufti Habibur Rahman Muradabadi

There is no doubting the fact that the prayer is the most important pillar of Islam, and that offering the prayer five times a day is the sacred duty of every sane and mature Muslim. But unfortunately, due to widespread ignorance and careless attitude towards religion, many people are not fully acquainted with the various injunctions pertaining to this great act of worship, and on account of this unawareness many people remain deprived of the reward for their prayers. Many times the prayer is rendered invalid and we not even know.

Humans are prone to err, and just like in countless other affairs, mistakes are made also during acts of worship. At times one omits a Fardh or Wajib item of prayer, or makes a mistake regarding their sequence or performs a Fardh or Wajib item more than once. Similiarly one neglects at times a Sunnalt or Mustalabb item, or errs regarding the number of Rakat. At times one makes mistakes during Qirat and at times one omits an Ayat. In short, there are many cases in which the prayer is invalidaled, but due to insufficient knowledge of the religious injunctions many of our brothers as well as the Imams in the mosques, think that the prayer will be in order if one performs Sajda-e-Salw, no matter what kind of mistake was made.

Likewise there are many instances in which it becomes legally incumbent to perform Sajda-e-Salw, but yet they fail to do so, and in other causes which do not entail Sajda-e-Salw, they perform it. Some people even think that Sajda-e-Salw is the panacea for all mistakes, and others are so obsessed with Sajda-e-Saltw perform it even on the slightest doubt.

Even those who are considered staunch followers of the Holy Law and who are to a certain extent acquainted with its

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