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لیزر لینڈ لیولنگ گائیڈ

Laser Land Leveling Technical Guide In Urdu PDF Book

Pakistani Agriculture Technical Guide PDF Download

لیزر لینڈ لیولنگ گائیڈ

Laser Land Levelling Agriculture Technical Guide In Urdu
Laser Land Leveling in Urdu and English languages, Pakistani Agriculture technical guide PDF book by Punjab Agriculture Department written by Chaudhary Muhammad Ashraf. The LLLT has been proved to be highly beneficial because its saves irrigation water, curtains irrigation time, improve an efficiency of agricultural input, as certains unform seed germination and resultantly enhances corp yields. Introduction and Benefits of Laser Land Levelling System, Laser Technology reduces a cost of land leveling and increases efficiency.Usage of laser technology in Pakistan agriculture System, Improves agricultural incomes.Unleveled Field and Laser leveled Field.




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