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ان پیج سیکھیں

اس کتاب میں مکمل ان پیج بہت ہی زبردست انداز میں سکھایا گیا ہے۔

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Free download or read online Urdu book “Inpage Seekhiye” and learn Inpage in the Urdu language. “Inpage Seekhiye” is the title name of this Urdu book which means Learn Inpage. This Urdu book is authored by Maulana Rasheed Ahmed who is a famous Islamic scholar too. The famous author, Mufti Abu Lubaba Shah Mansoor has written the preface of this book. The author Maulana Rasheed Ahmed is the pupil of Abu Lubaba. Inpage Seekhiye is a useful Urdu tutorial about Inpage. The great Inpage software is used for writing Urdu language, Urdu Newspaper, Urdu Books, Urdu columns and Urdu registers, etc. The writer Maulana Rasheed Ahmed has step by step explained the Inpage from basics to advance level. He has also narrated the best methods of Urdu typing, making Newspaper headlines, and designing a book layout etc. He has also written how to write columns in Inpage. This Urdu book about learning Inpage is contained on 30 lessons. If the readers read one lesson per day, they will learn it in a month. Inpage Seekhiye is the latest Urdu book about Inpage in the Urdu language. This is the most detailed Urdu book about Inpage wherein you will find an easy course of Inpage in Urdu language.

The Urdu book Inpage Seekhiye by Maulana Rasheed Ahmed is available here in Pdf format. You can free download and read online this Urdu Book from the table below the following sample pages.
Contents/Sample Pages of the Urdu Tutorial book “Inpage Seekhiye” By Maulana Rasheed Ahmed


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