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Principles of Deen By Shaykh Dr Mufti Abdul Wahid



  1. Salaam Brother!
    Please write description on these posts. I have write it to give you for this excellent post & if you like then I’ll try to write for others.
    Thanks & Salaam
    All Praise due to Allah, Our Creator, Nourisher and Provider. Peace and blessings be upon all the Ambiyaa (Prophets) and upon the last and final Rasool (Messanger) – Muhammad (s.a.w). Peace and blessings upon his companions who accepted and propagated DEEN (Religion) – ISLAM to the entire world.
    The book of “Principles of Deen” has 12 chapters. explaining:
    1. Wahi (Revelation) ;
    2. Principles of Tafseer (commentary) ;
    3. Priciples of Hadith ;
    4. Consensus of the Ummat (Ijma);
    5. Qiyaas (Ijtihaad);
    6. What is Fiqh;
    7. Principles of Fiqh;
    8. Essentials of Fiqh;
    9. Principles of Ijtihaad;
    10. Principles of Taqlid;
    11. Principles of Sunnat and Bidaat and
    12. Priciples of Imaan and Kufr.
    Information in this book, because of its close link to classically written text will be new to many readers.
    Thus I suggest one reads, studies and seeks further explaination from Ulema (Scholars of Islam). Infact, it is an ideal text book for advanced adult classes in any part of the world.
    The contents, if understand, will definitely create a better rapport. Link and bridge between the lay Muslims and the Ulema-e-Haqq (True Scholers of Islam). Dr. Mufti Abdul Wahid, Mufti of Jamia Madina Lahore, has written many others works whic are compiled is syllabus form. These are taught in numerous Mosques in Pakistan.
    Allah Willing we will andeavour to translate that entire syllabus for the benefits of the English World. “Principle of Deen” is the first phase. In-Shaa-Allah “Islamic Believes” will be next.

  2. Assalamalaikum,on page no.62 under NAQAL E IJMA it is mentioned that ijma e qawli and ijma e amali of sahaba karam absolute proof if it reaches us as tawaatur and its refuter is classified as KAFIR. Kindly let me know if present day so called salafi/ahle hadees come under this as they too deny 20 rakat tarawi namaz though it was ijma amali of not only sahaba r.a.but also the entire ummah till date and the prophet has said”my ummah will not unite upon a wrong'”and also “act upon my sahaba’s sunnah also after me”

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