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Online Teaching

Good Offer
SCHOOL OF QURAN is an online Islamic center for providing online Quran Tutoring service that enables you/your kids to learn to read the Holy Quran with Tajweed at your desired time and days with live Quran teacher. Our lessons are equally beneficial for kids and adults. All you need is a computer with headphone and internet connection.
Who Can Learn?
Learning to read Quran does not entail any age limitations, restrictions and boundaries. Anybody can learn to read Quran. The only prerequisite is that the intending student should have access to broadband internet connection and a Desk Top or Lap top computer with headphone and microphone. The process is very simple and self explanatory, however, we will make a presentation to show you how thereading session actually proceeds. You may like to benefit from our unique offer of a 3 days free trial for evaluating the usefulness of our online reading Quran lessons.
We Provides you
Well qualified and highly civilized Quran tutors.
One to one live Quran classes.
Easy Quran learning while staying at your home.
Availability of timing at your own choice.
Affordable and convenient.
No registration /admission fee.
Essential Equipments
Personal Computer (PC) or Laptop.
Headset with a microphone.
DSL/Broadband internet connection.
Skype ( Free and safe Audio software )
For audio contact Skype telephony software.

A perfect plan for you and your children
Norani Qaida in just 120 days
Holy Quran in just one year
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