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سوہانجنا کے طبی فوائد

سوہانجنا کے طبی فوائد

سوہانجنہ یا مورنگا کے عجیب و غریب فوائد کے پیش نظر اپنے گھر میں ضرور اس کا پودا لگائیں۔

Health Benefits Of Moringa | Sohanjna سوہانجنا

moringa oleifera sohanjna

See What Happens To Your Body When You Drink Moringa Everyday
Moringa or moringa oleifera is becoming more and more popular each day. It is a fast-growing, deciduous tree that is native to
India. It’s widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical areas all over Asia, South America, and Africa.
It is also known as the drumstick tree, mother’s best friend, Horseradish tree, and West Indian ben. Although, moringa has become
popular as a leaf powder supplement, the roots, pods, bark, seeds, flowers, and fruits are also edible.
Moringa is rich in vitamins, proteins, and minerals. It’s a source of vitamin A, vitamin B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), B6,
folate and vitamin C. It’s also a source of potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and phosphorus.
Moringa is not in vain called the miracle tree. Here are some of its amazing benefits.
Health benefits Of Moringa
1. Cures Stomach Disorders
Moringa contains isothiocyanates, which are very effective in the treatment of abdominal disorders like ulcerative colitis, gastritis, and constipation. There are studies that have shown that moringa can be used as an effective herbal substitute for a range of
commercially available antacids.
According to research, it can effectively cure ulcerative colitis. Moringa also contains antibacterial and antibiotic properties which
prevent the growth of various pathogens, including helicobacter pylori bacteria and coliform bacteria which trigger conditions like
2. Protects the Liver
Moringa consists of phytochemicals like epicatechin, ferulic acid, catechin, and vitamin C. These nutrients are very helpful in
protecting the liver. They help to restore the levels of glutathione content in the body and also prevent radiation–induced hepatic
lipid peroxidation. According to research, moringa leaves are effective against liver damage caused by anti­tubercular drugs, as well
as in speeding up the recovery process.
3. Prevents Neurodegenerative Diseases
According to a recent study, moringa extracts are effective in altering brain monoamines like norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin. It can even protect your brain from deficiencies that are related to Alzheimer’s disease.
4. Provides Excellent Nutritional Support
Moringa is packed with nutrients. There’s 17 times more calcium in Moringa than in milk, 25 times more iron than in spinach, and 10
times more beta­carotene than in carrots. It is also rich in minerals like zinc, potassium, and iron and also in vitamin C and B complex
vitamins. It is rich in proteins as well it contains 4 times what eggs provide.


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