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چاول کی خشک کاشت

Chawal Ki Kasht In Urdu PDF Free Booklet Download Or Read

چاول کی خشک کاشت

Chawal Ki Kasht In Urdu PDF

Chawal Ki Kasht In Urdu Booklet PDF Free Download Or read online from our books digital library. Read and know about Dhan ki Kasht (Dry rice cultivation) in Urdu local language Written by Dr Riaz Ahmed Man Natnail coordinate published by Pakistan Zarhi Tehqeeat Council Qaumi Zarhi research centre Chak Shehzad Islamabad Pakistan. The find and learn how to cultivation dry of rice,  cultivation methods in Pakistan and India. A guide about how to grow rice, Dhan ki Kheti read methods tips and tricks of rice farming and chawal ki Kasht ka Tarika and farming plantation process of rice in the Urdu language. The best booklet for rice ki Kasht from Punjab and Sindh  Pakistan.


Chawal Ki Kasht In Urdu



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