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مولانا عبید اللہ سندي

Maulana Ubaidullah Sindhi Aen Sandas Kujh Hamasar

مولانا عبید اللہ سندي

Molana Ubaidullah Sindhi Aen Sandas Kujh Hamasar
Download Free Sindhi History Book Maulana Obaiddullah Sindhi Ain Kujh  Hum Safar in PDF format written by Dr Abu Salman Shah Jahanpuri and Translate into Sindhi by Hafiz Abul Adeeb Sindhi. Study in this book about some main subject is Darul Uloom Deoband History, Political history of Dara lu loom, Hindu-Muslim Ithad, Maulana Sindhi Khilaf Ilzam, Maslae Tableeg, Political issues and Deoband, historical Sindhi article about Independence of Pakistan (Azad e Pakistan) and more in local language total 224 pages and PDF file size 2 MB.
Molana Obaiddullah Sindhi Free Download PDF





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