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Makkah ziyarah guide

akkah ziyarah guide

In the name of Allah, the most Compassionate, the most Merciful This ziyarah guide has been produced to provide facts and details on major landmarks in the city of Makkah and the surrounding area. It is intended to help Muslims gain more awareness on the history and significance behind these places, particularly for those embarking for Hajj or Umrah.
The content has been sourced from; a website that brings together information on places of historical Islamic importance from around the world. The aims of the site are to revive interest in the Ummah about our history and the relevance of past personalities and places.

Although many places have been shown in this guide, it is by no means a complete list of important landmarks in Makkah. Insha’Allah, we hope to update the guide in the future with additional content and resources. All the information in this guide has been checked and verified by several scholars in the UK, including graduates from Darul Uloom Bury. References have been provided towards the end of this guide. is a non-profit making organisation and is not affiliated with any sponsorship or commercial interests. We thank Allah (جل جلاله (for giving us this opportunity to serve His deen. May He bless and abundantly reward all the people involved in putting together this guide and pardon any errors (Ameen). Readers are kindly requested to remember us and our families in your duas when visiting the holy city of Makkah.

Abu Huzaifa (Tadkeshwari)

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