How to register?


   1. Send a message by Email:


Or Add Skype:  syed.sherazi313

  2. We will contact you via  Email or Phone for Trial classes. If you like you can call us we will provide you all informations.Please, leave us a voicemail in case if nobody answers. We return calls usually same day or in next business day.
  3. Install it to your computer and make your skype ID.
  4. Add syed.sherazi313 to your skype ID so we can communicate via skype.
  5. Start your FREE trial at the given time – Tutor will assist you to install go-to-meeting software that allows you to see the tutors screen.
  6. If you are satisfied with the free trial then you can continue taking classes.

System Requirements :
A computer system / laptop.
An Internet connection.
Microphone /Headphone.
We will provide (Gotomeeting) for screen sharing..
Conversational software (skype)

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  1. Assalam-o-Alaikum Main Online Deni masil ka Jawab chahta hun, wo main jaldi response mil jay, agar ap kar sakty hain to mujhy tareeqa btaien, or agar nahi to koi aisi website bata dain

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  3. Asalam Alekum Mujhe Quran Paak shekhna he men parha hun par Hifiz karna he or Aalim ka Course b karna he. Or jo Aalim ka course karwae ge uski test hongi or koi certificate mile ga ?

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