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How to Perform Ziyarah

How to Perform Ziyarah


Through the Infinite Mercy and Grace of Allah, a book “How
to perform Umrah”, written by this humble servant of Islaam
was published this month. Unfortunately, neither the Hajj nor
the Ziyaarah was discussed in the aforementioned book as I
had intended to discuss these two topics separately.
While “How to perform Umrah” was undergoing
publication, the Hadeeth related by Ibne Adee; “Verily, he who
performed Hajj and refrained from visiting me, has rendered
me an injustice”, crossed my mind over and over again leaving
me restless and leading me to make a firm resolution to
commence the compilation of a book on Ziyaarah in the holy
month of Ramadhaan.
However, when the booklet “How to perform Umrah”
finally reached me, I repeatedly asked myself this question,
“How will you stand in front of the beloved Prophet sallallahu
alayhi wasallamif you did not accomplish this work?” Thus today
on the 26th Sha‘baan, the last Friday before Ramadhaan, after
‘Asr I have made a start in the name of Allah.
I will endeavour to bring forth all the necessary information
concerning Ziyaarah and explain its method in its proper
sequence, in plain and simple English. May Allah through His
Kindness cause it to reach completion and pardon me for any
errors herein.
I will humbly request every reader to include this humble
servant, his parents, teachers, family, friends and all those
associated with the publication of this booklet in du‘aa and
convey their salaam at the holy graves.
Muhammad Saleem Dhorat
Sha‘baan 1410 / March 1990

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