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فتح نامه سنڌ چچ نامو

Fateh Namo Sindh Urf Chach Namo by Makhdoom Amir Ahmed



فتح نامه سنڌ چچ نامو

Fateh Namo Sindh Urf Chach Namo
Free Download or read online sindhi history pdf book  “Fateh Namo Sindh Urf Chach Namo”  written by Kazi Ismail Translated in Sindh  by Makhdoom Amir Ahmed , research and correct  by Dr Nabi bux  Khan Baloch .Chach Nama ( چچ نامو), otherwise called the Fateh nama Sindh (Sindhi: فتح نامه سنڌ), and as Tarekh-e-Hind wa Sindh Arabic (تاريخ الهند والسند), is a book about the historical backdrop of Sindh, chronicling the Chacha Dynasty’s period, after the death of the Rai Dynasty and the climb of Chach of Alor to the throne, down to the Arab success by Muhammad container Qasim.the Chach Nama was composed by Kazi Ismail, who was named the first Kazi of Alor by Muhammad Kasim after the victory of the Sindh.the wellsprings of Book accumulations may be delegated: Arab verifiable lays, and ballads,family customs of the Sakifís, recorded and unrecorded,stories told by people whose names were forthcoming,tories traceable to people of a certain standing, e.g., Brahmins,hearsay and apochryphal stories,the correspondence between Muhammad Kásim and Hajjaj.
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