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تفسیر السعدی

Taysir al-Karim ar-Rahman fee Tafsir al-QuranTaysir al Karim al Rahman (commonly known as Tafseer Al Saadi) is a tafseer written by Abd ar-Rahman ibn Nasir as-Sa’di at-Tamimi (1889–1956) who was a prominent Islamic scholar, jurist, mufassir, and Arabic grammarian. This book is simple and effective tool to understand the meaning of Quran as it quotes plenty of ahadith (prophetic traditions) and touch arabic grammer where-ever considered necessary.


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 تفسیر السعدی Arabic:
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Usool Tafseer As-Saadi – Mp3 download (4.7 MB)

Tafsir Saadi Russian:
Vol 1 (Read / Download), Vol 2 (Read / Download), Vol 3 (Read / Download)

Tafsir Saadi English:
(Fatiha and Juz 30)
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Book Review (Journal Paper written by Malaysian students)

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