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سیاست کے فرعون

سیاست کے فرعون یعنی پاکستان کے جاگیرداروں کے جاگیر دار بننے کی اصل کہانی

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siyasat ke firaun by wakeel anjum urdu pdf


Book Name: Siyasat Ke Firaun

Writer: Wakeel Anjum

Publisher: Fairoz printing Lahore (1992)

Format: Pdf

Size: 25.8 MBPages: 252 (453)

Free Download Siyasat Ke Firaun written by Wakeel Anjum, Siyasat Ke Firaun is the story of the rise and fall of Punjab’s winners the writer of the book is explaining the story of Pakistani leader’s and there life what they do before the independent Paksitan and after the independence Wakeel Anjum write Siyasat Ke Firaun about the life of Punjab leaders.

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