Tasveer -ul- Quran By Abul Qasim Shams -uz- Zaman


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Tasveer ul Quran

(7.1 M)

By Abul Qasim Shams -uz- Zaman


  1. A friend of mine who was driver was sitting in the car when I went in a meeting. After 45 minutes when I came back he told ma that “Mr Qasim I have read the chapter “Kitab ka ta-a-ruf of the Tasveer ul Quran and now feeling that I know the translation of the Holy Quran.
    I request every Urdu speaking person only to make happy The Allah Almighty please read once the chapters The Muqaddamah and Kitab ka Ta-a-ruf and I am sure that you will also feel that you have not wasted your time and have got a lot of knowledge to learn The Holy Quran.


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