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قواعد و ضوابط امتحانات وفاق المدارس

قواعد و ضوابط امتحانات وفاق المدارس

Qawaid wa Zawabit e Imtihanat Wifaq ul Madaris

Consensus and communication between the scholars, uniformity in the education system and uniformity in the examinations and curriculum have a key position in the goals and objectives of the federated schools. More than 600,000 male and female students from Madrasahs and Universities across the country participate in these exams every year. Administratively, it is a difficult task that from Khyber to Karachi and from Quetta to Gilgit, the students of all madrassas and universities gather on a fixed date and at a fixed time in the designated centers and give the exam in such a way that the question papers are completed at the same time. It reaches the hands of the students of the country. The invigilators and assistant invigilators in the federal school examinations are strangers and honest scholars. From which no illegitimate benefits can be imagined. Students solve the paper only with their own personal ability. As soon as the scheduled time of the examination is over, the invigilators of each center seal the bundles of all the papers and register them with the federal office at the same time. Despite all its resources, the government, due to administrative difficulties, sets up separate education boards in each division, which conduct examinations for one class at a time. But Alhamdulillah, the Federation of Schools at the national level conducts the examination of all grades at the same time and announces the results within a month. There is no possibility of any student or madrassa being discounted in this safe and reliable system of examinations of Federated Schools. Therefore, along with the famous and well-known universities, the students of unknown and unknown madrassas also continue to get a distinguished position.
Alhamdulillah, contemporary institutions are also jealous of the federal examination system. This wonderful system is due to the strict implementation of the rules and regulations by the examiners.
Alhamdulillah Akabar Federation has laid down the rules and regulations for the examination system from the beginning, and from time to time the Board of Directors and the Examination Committee have been revising and modifying them. Thanks to the implementation of these rules, the excellent examination system was established, which is the reason why contemporary institutions are also jealous of the federal examination system.
Maulana Abdul Majeed and his assistant Muhammad Saifullah Naveed have reorganized the examination rules and regulations of the grade books and the authorities have established a procedure for payment of examination expenses to facilitate the examination. The relevant forms have also been included, with this effort, the institution’s reputation will increase with transparency in the examination and payment system.
Federal regulators and all officials are requested to train the supervisory staff in the light of these rules and regulations and ensure compliance with them and ensure payment of expenses and use the given forms for payment of expenses.
The rules and regulations related to school examinations have been laid down and the procedure for payment of examination expenses has been laid down. Also, relevant forms have also been included. Officials should ensure compliance with the rules and regulations and train the supervisory staff according to the same rules and regulations.

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