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A Social and Cultural History of Sindh Urdu PDF

Sindh Ki Samaji Aur Saqafati Tareekh by Dr. Mubarak Ali 

سندھ کی تاریخ کیا ہے؟

 ڈاکٹر مبارک علی
A Social and Cultural History of Sindh Urdu PDF
Book title “Sindh ki Tareekh Kia hy?” written by Dr. Mubarak Ali and Urdu Translation by Sardar Azeem Ul Allah Khan, An Urdu Translation of “A Social and Cultural History of Sindh” Sindh ki Samaji wo Saqafati Tareekh, Sindh civilization history, Based on the account of the European Travellers who visited Sindh. Sindh in Muglia, Kalrha  and Thalpur Government, The weather, rivers and geography of Sindh, Agriculture history and food source and production, Import and export item of Sindh is Shark fins, Potash, Saltpetre, Asafetida, indigo, delium, madder and Oleaginous. Kashti rani, the type of fresh fish and animal meat, and jungle animals, the story of popular Pulha fish, and other seafood of Sindh, the Road, villages and peoples of Sindh, history of tata  in Urdu,the woman of Sindh, Muslim and Hindu history, Sindhi Hindu culture (Zat, Zuban, Riwayat) social life, Sindhi Peoples social and cultural life, Language and Zat, Sarsat Brahman, The Baloch in Sindh Civilization history, Culture and Life and language, Baluch history in Sindh, Music and Art Fashion. Mukali City, Coins of shikar purr, history of Karachi city and information of  Sindhi Tribes, Sehwan Sharif Lal Shahbaz Qalandar, Mirpur capital, The  beautiful area of Bulrey, Larkana, Hala. Sindhi Lock stories and Sindhi topi and Ajrak. Read More get pdf or study on the web.




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