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 دام لہو

Daam e Lahoo by Hafsa Rehan

Daam-e-Lahoo” is a recent publication by Miss Hafsa Rehan. In her novel, she has very eloquently addressed the process of fermentation of extremism in our society and tried to rebut it with wisdom and logics in the light of the Quranic injunctions. The writer hails from KPK, which has been directly and very intensely affected by the violence and terrorism. In her work, she has carved imaginary characters and incidents to build stories inorder to educate the society about extremist mindset, violent tendencies and mechanism needed there to – counter them strongly. The writer de-links terrorism with any religion and particularly Islam; rather proves it opposite to Islamic concepts. While reading the novel, the reader passes through various phases of extremism and terrorism which Pakistani society underwent. Starting with the stage of brain washing innocent and creating chaos in the society by the extremists. Then leading to the counter actions by the sons of the soil and state inorder to bring the peace and prosperity thus giving a ray of hope of positivity.

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