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خراسان صلیبی لشکر کا قبرستان

Khurasan Saleebi Lashkar Ka Qabristan Book Download Free

خراسان صلیبی لشکر کا قبرستان

Khurasan Saleebi Lashkar Ka Qabristan Pdf Urdu book by Mohammad Nasir Khan is available here for free download and read online. The complete title name of this Urdu book is “Sarzameen-e-Khurasan Saleebi Lashkar Ka Qabristan” meaning (The land of Khurasan, the graveyard of Crusaders). This is an informative Urdu book about the Afghanistan war i.e the war on terror. The author Mohammad Nasir Khan who is also remained as prisoner in Afghanistan has written the beat stories of the crusaders i.e NATO forces. According to the author, the Khurasan (Afghanistan) has become the graveyard of NATO (Crusaders). Khurasan Qabristan book has also the interview of Maulvi Jalal Uddin Haqqani, his network and their achievements. In the beginning of this Pdf book, you will also see some shocking images, describing the beating stories of NATO and the brutality over the innocent Afghanis by the NATO forces. Mohammad Nasir Khan has also written in detail about the Taliban networks fighting against the NATO forces. Khurasan Saleebi Lashkar Ka Qabristan Urdu book has the 9 major contents, mentioned as below;

Safaid Parchamo Ki Dobara Aamad Aur Kalay Phareron Ki Uthan
Hilmand Mein Saleebi Operation Aur Haqaiq
Khost Mein Saleebi Markaz Par Mujahideen Ki Yalghar
Afghanistan Mein Faislakun Saleebi Shikast Ka Manzarnama
Afghanistan Se Amreeki Paspai Ka Aaghaz
Bartania Ka Saleebi Jang Mein Nuqsan
Afghanistan Mein Saleeb Aur Qur’an Ki Kashmakash Ka Manzarnama
Taliban Ka Operation Badar
Islami Imarat-e-Afghanistan

Download the complete book from the table below
Brief Information about the Pdf eBook
Book Name:Sarzameen-e-Khurasan Saleebi Lashkar Ka Qabristan
Writer:Mohammad Nasir Khan
Size:22.86 MB
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